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We have over 50+ years of combined service in tree trimming, tree removal,  and emergency tree care services in IL & MO.

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Long-Lasting Tree Trimming & Tree Removal in Bethalto, IL

When your trees require professional maintenance, Madcow Tree Service is the number one choice for homeowners in Bethalto, IL. With over 50 years of combined experience, our team has perfected industry standards to provide high-quality tree trimming, removal, and heath care services to residential properties. From scheduled seasonal maintenance to emergency tree removal and debris cleanup services, you can count on our tree trimmers to provide effective outdoor services when you need them most. Since 2012, we have made it our number one priority to provide affordable and safe tree care services throughout southern Illinois. If you need a team you can trust for your upcoming tree service, contact us and we’ll provide you with a free estimate of your project.

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Tree Trimming Bethalto, IL

Did you know that you should have your trees trimmed once every 1-5 years depending on the age and species of your trees? Trimming trees is not only a great way to create stunning curb appeal for your home, it also is a major preventative service that takes care of weak or low-hanging branches. If your tree limbs are close to your home or are well overdue for an inspection and pruning, Madcow Tree Service offers competitive rates and efficient tree trimming in Bethalto, IL. Using standard cabling and climbing techniques, our tree trimmers will scale your trees for precise trimming or utilize our crane equipment if your tree is towering over your home. To get an estimate on our tree trimming services, contact our specialists at (618) 288-9663.

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Tree Removal Bethalto, IL

Removing a tree from residential properties is a highly specialized service that must be performed by certified professionals. One wrong move from a chainsaw or crane can cause serious damage or injury to your home and family. At Madcow Tree Service, we offer safe and reliable tree removal services for diseased, decaying, or hazardous trees in Bethalto, IL. A common reason for tree removal is the weakening of your tree's structure. This can happen from years of neglect to fast moving diseases that rots the tree from the inside. If this is the case for your tree, it's important to have it removed before it can cause critical damage to your home and landscape. For crane-assisted tree removal, contact our team and we'll provide step-by-step instructions on your upcoming project.

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Tree Health Care Bethalto, IL

Just like any other plant, trees require various forms of health care and maintenance to promote longevity and new growth. If you notice that your tree branches are low-hanging, or discoloration and deterioration of the bark is present, contact our specialists at Madcow Tree Service for health care solutions. Our ISA-Certified Arborist has decades of experience restoring the health of diseased trees in Bethalto, IL and the surrounding areas. Leaving your trees to succumb to natural ailments and pests is one of the quickest ways to spend thousands of dollars to have your trees removed or cause permanent damage to your home in the event that your tree is uprooted. If you notice signs of illness on your tree branches or leaves, get in touch with our team today to discuss a tree health care plan

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Crane Services Bethalto, IL

When performing tree maintenance or tree removal services, safety is of the utmost importance to our team in Bethalto, IL. At Madcow Tree Service, we utilize crane equipment for jobs that include the trimming of massive trims or large tree species that cannot be climbs by a professional trimmer. In instances where trees are diseased or covered in pests, commercial crane equipment is necessary to avoid hazards to your home and healthy parts of your trees. When your trees require crane equipment for the removal of large branches or limbs, you'll need an experienced team to get the job done safely. We are a certified crane operating business and have over 50 years of experience using crane technology for homes in southern Illinois.

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Stump Grinding Bethalto, IL

After a tree removal service, often what's left is a large trunk protruding from the ground. While this isn't nearly as hazardous as a towering, sick tree, stumps can cause their own damage if left to rot. Madcow Tree Service in Bethalto, IL provides high-quality stump grinding services to prevent pest infestation and physical damage to lawn care equipment. Our commercial stump grinding equipment are powerful machines that include a circular saw and lawn-mower type body to directly cut up the stump into small pieces of debris. This is effective in preventing deep roots from sprouting new tree growth and protects the health of your property as no chemical solutions are involved. To request our stump grinding services, contact Madcow in southern Illinois.

Emergency Tree Services Bethalto, IL

Deciding if you need an emergency tree service can be difficult, especially if your tree isn’t already uprooted and damaged your property. There are several signs that are cause for concern that homeowners should be aware of to receive emergency tree removal. Any abnormal leaning, decaying roots, dead branches, or close proximity to power lines or your home are a great indicator that you need emergency tree services. Madcow Tree Service has been a leading team in Bethalto, IL for 24/7 emergency tree removal and debris cleanup since 2012. We are proud to have made a name for ourselves as a reliable choice for fast and efficient tree removal. If you notice any damage to your tree after a storm, contact us for emergency tree services.

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