Hazardous Tree Removal

Protect Your Home with Hazardous Tree Removal in Alton, IL

Trees offer a endless amounts of beauty to residential properties in the Midwest. While Alton, IL locals value the tall tree species that vacate their land, often times, these trees can pose danger to your home in the event of a storm. When your trees are not trimmed, develop illnesses that are untreated, or suffer from pest infestation, their root systems become weak, making them easy targets for strong winds to knock them down. At Madcow Tree Service, we offer hazardous tree removal for residences in southern Illinois and Missouri. Every year, poorly maintained trees cause power outages, property damage, automobile accidents, fires, injury, and sometimes death. These disastrous tragedies can be averted if dangerous trees are removed before they cause harm. Contact our team for emergency hazardous tree removal.

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The Benefits of Hazardous Tree Removal

Hazardous trees are defined as a having broken limbs, disease, or other ailments that can cause damage to surrounding areas if they fall or break. At Madcow Tree Service, we offer hazardous tree removal for homes in the Alton, IL area. When you choose our team, you’ll receive the following benefits after removing a hazardous tree from your property:

Protect Your Home

Hazardous trees directly affect the safety of your home, neighboring properties, or electrical lines. Protect your family with our hazardous tree removal services.

Save Nearby Vegetation

Decaying trees can cause harm to nearby vegetation. Remove hazardous trees from your property with our tree removal services. We safely remove dying trees.

Prevent Fire Hazards

Large trees that are located near electrical lines or homes can be a major fire hazard. Prevent fire damage to your property with hazardous tree removal services.

Increase Market Value

When hazardous trees are on your property, you can suffer poor resale value due to safety standards. Increase your home's market value with our tree removal services.

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Hazardous Tree Removal

When trees become hazardous, they can endanger homes, people, vehicles, and other outdoor structures. Madcow Tree Service specializes in hazardous tree removal and evaluation services for homes in Alton, IL and the surrounding areas. First, we look for several indicators that a tree may be a safety hazard. This includes inspecting for lightening strikes, cracks, visible cavities, decaying bark, rot, discoloration, and more. If we can detect the problem early enough, we might be able to fix it instead of removing the tree. In the event that the damage to your tree is too great, our team will provide immediate hazardous tree removal to restore the safety of your property.

When is a Tree Considered Hazardous?

A tree is considered hazardous when there are large branches or parts of your tree that can easily fall or break, guaranteeing damage to surrounding homes, people, or other structures. Trees that are located in large open spaces or forests are not considered hazardous due to their inability to cause serious damage if uprooted. Hazardous trees are found in residential areas and can threaten the safety of not only your home, but your family as well. Contact Madcow Tree Service to have the trees on your property inspected to determine if they are hazardous. If our team deems that you tree is likely to cause damage, we offer immediate tree removal services.

Our Hazardous Tree Removal Process

During a hazardous tree removal service, our team utilizes commercial tree trimming tools and equipment to safely remove limbs from your property. At Madcow Tree Service, we utilize traditional tree removal techniques like roping and rigging to ascend a certified tree climber up your trees to remove branches on the way. If parts of your tree are over your home or other large structure, we also provide commercial cranes to lift large sections of your tree safely to the ground. Regardless of which technique is needed for your property in Alton, IL, MadCow has over fifty years of combined experience to get the job done efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about our hazardous tree removal processes.

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