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Remove Your Hazardous Trees with Our Crane Services in Alton, IL

When looking for a qualified company for your tree removal service, Madcow Tree Service has decades of experience and commercial equipment to get the job done. We provide crane-assisted tree removal and bucket truck services to safely and efficiently remove hazardous trees from your property. Once your tree and surrounding landscape has been examined by our ISA-Certified Arborist, we provide ground covers to protect your grass and concrete while expertly maneuvering our crane equipment for your tree removal project. With a crane operating accreditation, and experienced crew of outdoor specialists, our team is prepared to help you with your next tree removal or tree care service. To book a professional crane-assisted tree removal service, please contact our tree experts in Alton, IL.

MadCow Tree Service, Tree removal in progress with use of crane - Alton, IL
MadCow Tree Service, Tree removal in progress with use of crane - Alton, IL

Crane Tree Removal

When large trees are decaying, have broken branches, or have been damaged in a heavy storm, it is unsafe for a professional crew to cable and climbs the tree with assisted equipment. At Madcow Tree Service, we specialize in crane-assisted tree removal for homes in Alton, IL. Our commercial crane equipment is used to help clear large branches, tree trunks, and other debris that is too large to be removed manually. With our years of expertise in the industry, you can rely on our tree removal experts to safely and efficiently remove hazardous trees from your property. Trying to tackle a fallen or decaying tree without the proper equipment and training can result in serious injuries to you or your home. For crane tree removal services, contact our team for a free estimate today.

When Are Crane-Assisted Tree Services Necessary?

Madcow Tree Service offers crane-assisted tree services when large branches or tree species need to be removed from your property. To prevent injury to your home or our crew, crane services are recommended in many instances to ensure safe results. Our cranes are operated by experienced tree experts for total peace of mind during your requested service. Here are a few instances in which crane services are necessary for your tree removal:

Whole Tree Removal

When a large tree needs to be removed from your property, crane-assisted tree services are often the only solution for safe removal services.

Difficult-To-Access Tree

If there is a tree that is close to your home or other nearby structures, our team utilized crane services to safely remove trees and other debris from your property.

Hazardous Tree Removal

Hazardous tree removal is a job where crane services are necessary to prevent the striking of people or property during a tree removal or maintenance service.

Large Tree Species

If you have multiple large tree species on your property, a crane-assisted tree service is necessary to safely remove branches and trunks from your property.

Utilizing Cranes for Tree Maintenance

The average height of a tree in a residential yard can grow anywhere from 50-80 feet and even several stories high depending on the species. When your tall trees need to be trimmed or pruned, Madcow Tree Services utilizes high-quality crane equipment to aid in your tree maintenance service. Our cranes are controlled by certified operators with years of experience removing branches and trimming the crowns of trees for homes in the Alton, IL area. Using crane equipment can also be useful in tree inspections where your tree may be leaning, suffering from a minor illness, or trimmed for future growth. Contact our team to schedule a tree maintenance service and request our crane equipment for expert results.

MadCow Tree Service, Tree trimming in progress with use of crane - Alton, IL
Stump removal with aid of crane services - final step of tree removal - Alton, IL

Certified Crane Operators & Professional Equipment

Madcow Tree Service is certified to operate crane equipment and industry technology for tree removal services. Our modern cranes can achieve heights of well over a hundred feet to reach the tallest crowns of your trees for easy trimming. Our experienced tree climbers have years of training in operating our commercial bucket trucks, cranes, and cabling equipment to effortlessly perform hazardous and emergency tree removal services in Alton, IL. Schedule a tree inspection from our ISA-Certified Arborist and we’ll perform high-quality tree removal services using certified crane equipment.

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