Emergency Tree Service

Protect Your Home with Emergency Tree Removal Services in Alton, IL

The Midwest is known for its harsh storms and powerful winds. When storms pass over your home, it can cause trees to become unstable, breaking branches and even uprooting entire trees that have devastating consequences. If you have dying or diseased trees or have a tree that is too close to y our home, Madcow Tree Service offers emergency tree removal to prevent damage in the event of a storm. When trees and large, unstable limbs are removed, it significantly improves the safety and security of your home and family. Each year, a number of trees fall on buildings, residences, automobiles, and powerlines, causing expensive and significant damage. If you have an at-risk tree or are unsure if your trees are dangerous, contact our team and request 24/7 emergency tree removal assisted by our ISA-Certified Arborist.

MadCow Tree Service cleaning up debris left over from storm damage - Alton, IL
Bad storm damage, tree uprooted and crushing car and part of house - Alton, IL

Emergency Tree Removal

MadCow Out Service responds to emergency services when a tree has fallen on your property, damaged your home, or caused severe safety hazards to the surrounding areas. We provide emergency tree removal for residential properties in Alton, IL and surrounding areas in southern IL and Missouri. After contacting your insurance company, your representative will get you in touch with our team to immediately recover fallen trees and debris from your property. While home repairs are often covered by insurance, damage to your landscape is often left to the homeowners to restore. Luckily, you can rely on our team of experts as well as our ISA-Certified Arborist to remove damaged trees and fallen debris of all sizes. Get a free estimate on our emergency tree removal services.

When to Invest in Emergency Tree Removal Services

Madcow Tree Service offers emergency tree removal for residential homes in Alton, IL. When your tree is suffering from cracked branches, a split trunk, or unstable root system, we provide crane-assisted tree removal to protect your home and surrounding neighborhood. Here are a few common cases when emergency tree removal services are necessary:

Your Trees Are Diseased

When your trees are infected with disease, it is only a matter of time before they become unstable. Remove contaminated trees with emergency tree removal.

Branches are Broken

If your tree has one or several broken branches, they could post a threat to the safety of your home. When your split branches need to be removed, call our team.

You're Selling Your Home

Get the most for your property by removing harmful trees and plants that decrease curb appeal and safety. Our emergency tree removal is sure to help sell your home.

Your Tree Is Leaning

Leaning trees are extremely hazardous and can affect nearby homes, properties, and electrical lines. We offer emergency tree removal services for leaning trees.

Our Emergency Tree Removal Process

When requesting an emergency tree removal service, our trained tree professionals will assess your trees and advise you on whether you need certain overhanging limbs cut or the entire tree must be removed. Madcow Tree Service is proud to be Alton, IL’s top tree removal company, having conducted hundreds of tree removals both before and after natural disasters. Whether you want to prepare for the next storm, or a tree has already fallen, our crew is ready to help whether you need tree removal or emergency storm cleaning. Our tree removal process consists of having the right equipment and materials to safely remove large tree limbs, sticks, leaves, and other debris from your yard. After accessing your property damage, our crew will begin to simultaneously clear small pieces of debris from your property, while our ISA-Certified Arborist removes large limbs of your tree via cabling or crane equipment.

MadCow tree service. tree trimming and removal, emergency tree services in progress - Alton, IL
MadCow Tree Service cleaning up debris left over from storm damage to mobile home - Alton, IL

Storm Damage Tree Removal

If you live in Alton, IL or the surrounding areas, you are likely no stranger to hard wind, rain, and snowstorms that are common in the Midwest. When your trees are negatively affected by weather conditions, often times the only way to restore the safety of your property is to remove the trees altogether. If you notice cracked branches or your tree is now leaning from strong winds, contact Madcow Tree Service. We have decades of experience in the industry to provide emergency storm damage tree removal services using commercial equipment such as chains and woodchippers. No matter how big or small your tree removal project is, our team is on standby and ready to restore your property back to its original shape. Get a free estimate when you contact our tree specialists.

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