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We have over 50+ years of combined service in tree trimming, tree removal,  and emergency tree care services in IL & MO.

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Reliable Tree Trimming Company for Residential Properties in Godfrey, IL

Madcow Tree Service is the number one option for homeowners in Godfrey, IL when it comes to expert tree management. Our staff has refined industry standards to deliver high-quality tree trimming, removal, and health care services to residential properties with over 50 years of combined expertise. You can rely on our tree trimmers to deliver efficient outdoor services when you need them the most, from routine seasonal maintenance to emergency tree removal and debris cleanup. We have made it our top focus since 2012 to deliver cheap and safe tree care services across southern Illinois. If you need a crew you can rely on for your next tree service, call us and we’ll give you a free quote.

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Tree Trimming Godfrey, IL

Did you know that depending on the age and type of your trees, you should have them trimmed once every 1-5 years? Trimming trees is not only a terrific way to improve the curb appeal of your property, but it is also an important preventive service that removes weak or low-hanging limbs. If your tree branches are near to your house or are overdue for an inspection and pruning, Madcow Tree Service in Godfrey, IL provides affordable pricing and effective tree trimming. Our tree trimmers will scale your trees for precision cutting using traditional cabling and climbing methods, or they will use our crane equipment if your tree is too tall to climb. Contact our pros at (618) 288-9663 for a quote on our tree trimming services.

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Tree Removal Godfrey, IL

Residential tree removal is a highly specialized service that must be conducted by trained personnel. One wrong move with a chainsaw or crane equipment can cause catastrophic damage or danger to your property and family. Madcow Tree Service provides safe and dependable tree removal services in Godfrey, IL for sick, rotting, or dangerous trees. The deterioration of your tree's structure is a typical cause for tree removal. Years of neglect may cause this, as can fast-moving illnesses that destroy the tree from the inside out. If this is the situation with your tree, it is imperative that it be removed before it causes significant damage to your house and garden. Contact our team for crane-assisted tree removal and we'll give step-by-step guidance for your next job.

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Tree Health Care Godfrey, IL

Trees, like any other plant, need different sorts of health care and maintenance to ensure a long lifespan and healthy growth. If you find that your tree limbs are low-hanging, or that there is discoloration and degeneration of the tree trunk, call Madcow Tree Service for personalized health care solutions. Our ISA-Certified Arborist in Godfrey, IL and the surrounding regions has decades of expertise restoring the health of hazardous trees. Allowing your trees to succumb to harsh weather and pests is one of the easiest ways to spend thousands of dollars having your trees removed or causing irreversible damage to your property if your tree is uprooted. If you spot any indications of sickness on your tree branches or leaves, contact us right away to establish a tree health care plan.

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Crane Services Godfrey, IL

Our staff in Godfrey, IL prioritizes safety while doing tree care or tree removal services. Madcow Tree Service uses crane equipment for residential jobs that need serious pruning or contain large tree species that cannot be climbed by a skilled trimmer. Commercial crane equipment is required in cases when trees are unhealthy or infected with pests; this prevents threats to your property and healthy sections of your trees. When huge branches or limbs need to be removed from your trees, you'll need an expert crew to accomplish the work securely. We are a licensed crane operator with over 50 years of expertise utilizing crane technology to build houses in southern Illinois.

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Stump Grinding Godfrey, IL

There aren't many pieces of debris left over after a tree removal project, however, what usually remains in a small stump where your tree was rooted in the ground. While a stump is not as dangerous as a tall tree, they can pose their own problems if allowed to decay. Madcow Tree Service in Godfrey, IL offers high-quality stump grinding services to protect your landscape from insect infestation and curb appeal damage. Our commercial stump grinding equipment includes a circular saw and a lawnmower-style body to chop up the stump into shredded pieces of debris. To be 100% eco-friendly in our services, we do not use harsh chemicals to kill new growth; stump grinding removes all buried roots to prevent new trees from growing in the future. Contact our team in southern Illinois for professional stump grinding services.

Emergency Tree Services Godfrey, IL

Deciding if you need emergency tree care may be tough, particularly if your tree has not already been uprooted or caused damage to your home. There are various warning indicators that homeowners should be aware of to request an emergency tree removal service. Any unnatural tilting, rotting roots, dead limbs, or close proximity to electrical lines or your home are all signs that you need emergency tree services. Since 2012, Madcow Tree Service has been the number one choice in Godfrey, IL for 24-hour emergency tree removal and debris cleanup. We are proud to be a dependable option for quick and effective tree removal. If your tree has been damaged by a storm, please call us for emergency tree services.

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