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We have over 50+ years of combined service in tree trimming, tree removal,  and emergency tree care services in IL & MO.

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High-Quality Tree Trimming & Tree Removal Service in Jerseyville, IL

When it comes to competent tree maintenance, Madcow Tree Service is the clear choice for homeowners in Jerseyville, IL. With over 50 years of combined experience, our crew has perfected industry standards to provide high-quality tree trimming, removal, and health care services to residential properties. Our tree trimmers can be counted on to provide effective outdoor services, from basic seasonal maintenance to emergency tree removal and debris cleanup. Since 2012, we have made it our main priority to provide affordable and safe tree care services across southern Illinois. If you need a dependable staff for your next tree service, give us a call and we’ll provide you with a free estimate.

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Tree Trimming Jerseyville, IL

Did you know that you should get your trees trimmed once every 1-5 years? Tree trimming is not only a great way to enhance the curb appeal of your home, but it is also a crucial preventative maintenance service that eliminates weak or low-hanging branches. If your tree branches are close to your home or if they are damaged from strong winds or storms, Madcow Tree Service in Jerseyville, IL offers reasonable prices and efficient tree trimming. Our tree trimmers will scale your trees for precise cutting utilizing conventional cabling and climbing techniques, or if your tree is too tall to climb, they will utilize our crane equipment. For a custom quote on our tree trimming services, call our experts at (618) 288-9663.

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Tree Removal Jerseyville, IL

Residential tree removal is a highly specialized service that should only be performed by skilled professionals. A single mistake with a chainsaw or crane equipment may result in catastrophic damage or risk to your home and family. Madcow Tree Service removes ill, rotten, or hazardous trees in Jerseyville, IL in a safe and trustworthy manner. A common reason for tree removal is the degradation of your tree's structure. Years of neglect, as well as fast-moving infections that damage the tree from the inside out, may be to blame. If this is the case with your tree, it must be removed immediately before it causes serious damage to your home and landscape. Contact our team for crane-assisted tree removal and we'll walk you through the process.

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Tree Health Care Jerseyville, IL

Trees, like other plants, need several types of health care and upkeep to maintain a long existence and good development. If you see low-hanging tree limbs or degeneration of the tree trunk, contact Madcow Tree Service for individualized health care solutions. Our ISA-Certified Arborist has decades of experience restoring the health of dangerous trees in Jerseyville, IL and the surrounding areas. Allowing your trees to succumb to severe weather and pests is one of the simplest ways to spend thousands of dollars having your trees removed or creating irrevocable property damage if your tree is uprooted. If you see any signs of illness on your tree branches or leaves, please call us straight away to set up a tree health care plan.

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Crane Services Jerseyville, IL

While performing tree maintenance or tree removal services in Jerseyville, IL, our personnel are always focused on the safety of your home. Madcow Tree Service employs crane equipment for residential tree trimming or removal projects that need extensive trimming or include enormous tree species that cannot be climbed by a professional. When trees are ill or infested with pests, commercial crane equipment is essential to avoid hazards to your property and healthy areas of your trees. When large branches or limbs need to be removed from your trees, you'll need a professional team to do the job safely. We are a qualified crane operator with over 50 years of experience building homes in southern Illinois using crane technology.

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Stump Grinding Jerseyville, IL

After a tree has been removed from your property, the only thing left to tackle is the tree stump. While a tree stump is not as threatening as a leaning or fallen tree, it may cause difficulties to your landscape if left to deteriorate. Madcow Tree Service in Jerseyville, IL provides high-quality stump grinding services to safeguard your landscaping from pest infestation and affect your home's curb appeal. To remove your tree stump, our team uses commercial stump grinding equipment that includes a circular saw and a lawnmower-style body that is handled by a professional member of our team. To ensure that our services are completely eco-friendly, we do not use harsh chemicals to destroy new growth; stump grinding eliminates all underground roots, preventing new trees from developing in the future. For expert stump grinding services in southern Illinois, contact our team.

Emergency Tree Services Jerseyville, IL

Deciding if you need emergency tree care may be difficult, especially if your tree has not yet been uprooted or caused damage to your property. Fortunately, there are many warning signs that homeowners should be aware of before calling an emergency tree removal service. Any unusual tilting, decaying roots, dead limbs, or trees that are close to power lines or your roof are all indications that you need emergency tree services. Madcow Tree Service has been the top option in Jerseyville, IL for 24-hour emergency tree removal and debris cleaning since 2012. We are happy to be a trustworthy alternative for efficient tree removal. Please contact us for emergency tree services if your tree has been damaged by a storm.

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