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We have over 50+ years of combined service in tree trimming, tree removal,  and emergency tree care services in IL & MO.

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Get Skilled Tree Trimming & Tree Removal in Wood River, IL

Madcow Tree Service in Wood River, IL is the number one option for southern Illinois residents looking for a dependable and competent tree care business. With decades of experience in industry, we understand the necessity of properly managing and disposing of your diseased trees, shrubs, and other vegetation. Our crew is here to protect the safety of your home and property for decades to come from regular tree pruning to an emergency removal of your leaning or broken tree. We want you to have complete peace of mind that your needs are being met, which is why we provide free quotes on all of our tree trimming, removal, health care, and emergency services.

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Tree Trimming Wood River, IL

Madcow Tree Service provides excellent tree trimming and pruning for residential houses when your trees have low-hanging branches or diseased regions. Investing in tree trimming services not only improves the curb appearance of your property, but it also benefits the health of your tree by minimizing stress or harm from overgrown limbs. Our skilled staff has decades of industry knowledge to guarantee that your trees are maintained and healthy year after year. Depending on the sort of care required for your trees, we offer normal cabling and crane-assisted tree maintenance during our tree trimming services.

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Tree Removal Wood River, IL

When trees are damaged by weather or are not treated for illness when symptoms appear, tree removal may be the only option for safeguarding your house. When the safety of a property is compromised by dangerous trees, we at Madcow Tree Service specialize in tree removal services for houses in Wood River, IL. Our ISA-Certified Arborist and team of skilled tree professionals work together to securely and effectively remove big parts of your trees using high-tech cables and sophisticated crane equipment. Trunk deterioration, several dead branches, and disease growth are all indications that your tree should be destroyed. If you discover significant damage to your trees, contact our crew for emergency tree removal.

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Tree Health Care Wood River, IL

Homeowners seldom pay careful attention to the health of their trees. Unless there is unusual growth or visible symptoms of degradation, it is reasonable to conclude that your landscape is in good health. Unfortunately, the health of your trees extends beyond the appearance of their leaves and branches. Disease, insect infestation, and deteriorating of your tree's root system are difficult to detect if not evaluated by a professional tree care firm. Fortunately, Madcow Tree Service is the go-to company for skilled tree health care services for Wood River, IL residents. We provide inspections, disease prevention, pest removal, and other tree health treatments that are tailored to your specific requirements. Schedule a visit with our team now to begin receiving excellent tree health care services.

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Crane Services Wood River, IL

Crane services are required for conventional tree trimming and removal services on weak, leaning, or dangerously situated trees. When selecting a tree service, be sure that the staff you choose has the necessary skills and gear to do the task. We are happy to offer top-of-the-line equipment at Madcow Tree Service in Wood River, IL to execute superior pruning or emergency removal services. Because of our courteous personnel, reasonable costs, and exceptional outcomes, we have been the first alternative for homeowners in need of quick crane tree services since 2012. Contact our ISA-Certified Arborist to have your landscape assessed to see whether your trees need crane-assisted treatments.

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Stump Grinding Wood River, IL

When a tree is removed from your property, a small stump attached to an underground root system is frequently left behind. While it may not seem to be a risk, allowing tree stumps to decay offers an ideal habitat for pests to thrive while also posing a safety risk to you and your family. Madcow Tree Service in Wood River, IL, provides stump grinding services to remove projecting tree trunks and tree roots in order to prevent further development. The last thing you want is to have a dangerous tree removed just to have it come back owing to a tree stump left behind. Our stump grinders use high-tech equipment to reduce disruption to your property by shredding the remains of your trunk into little bits of eco-friendly trash. Learn more about our stump grinding services and contact us for a free quote.

Emergency Tree Services Wood River, IL

Since 2012, Madcow Tree Service has provided emergency tree removal for residential homes in Wood River, IL. With decades of industry knowledge, our staff understands how to identify dangerous trees and give rapid remedies to restore safety to your house or adjacent buildings. We offer 24/7 emergency tree services utilizing crane and cable equipment, whether your tree has dead branches, rotten roots, or is leaning towards your home’s roof. Many emergency tree services are required during severe storms that destroy branches and whole root systems. Our crew can assist with anything from waste cleanup to complete tree removal. Please contact us right away for a free service estimate.

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