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Two people planting a newly growly tree in the ground on their residential property in Alton, IL with plant healthcare services.

The Benefits of Plant Healthcare Services

A great-looking lawn and outdoor area not only add to a property’s aesthetic appeal but also increases its overall resale value. A lot goes into lawn care and outdoor maintenance—with proper plant health care being one of the most critical aspects. Mad Cow Outdoor Service can help enhance the beauty

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Trees for Heroes program, tree service workers providing tree maintenance in military cemetery - Alton, IL

Trees for Heroes!

Trees for Heroes ! So yesterday while out bidding we were in Collinsville, IL. Pulled into driveway for appt. I always check the scenery see if I can guess what needs done before knocking but as I walk up to the door. I seen a set of Disabled Veteran plates.

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A trained arborist skillfully provides a tree removal service for this residence in Alton, IL.

7 Reasons for Tree Removal

Trees are essential to our environment, providing fresh air, shade, and beauty. However, there are situations where the removal of a tree becomes necessary. As

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