Is Tree Fertilization Really Necessary?

A man and woman plant a tree with fertilizer and use a watering can to water it so it can grow and thrive in their yard in Alton, IL.

Is Tree Fertilization Really Necessary?

Trees are tough and may not appear to need as much care and attention as flowers and bushes. However, a lack of attention can lead to disease and health problems. Tree healthcare such as fertilization is just as important as any other outdoor services or lawn care in Alton, IL. In particular, it’s important to ensure trees get the fertilizers they need, so they can continue growing strong and healthy. Our experts at Mad Cow Outdoor Service are here to help homeowners so their trees thrive throughout the year.

The Reason Why Many Trees Don’t Get Enough Nutrition

Trees growing in forests often have more than enough nutrition. There are fallen leaves everywhere and different types of decaying organisms that leech into the soil. This gives the trees all the macro and micronutrients that they need. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true with trees on residential or commercial properties. Landscaping and lawn maintenance are cleanup services that remove many of these nutrients from the environment. As a result, many trees aren’t getting the nutrients they need to thrive like they should.

Signs That a Tree Needs Fertilizers

Identifying signs of malnutrition and a need for fertilization is key to plant healthcare in Alton, IL. If the trees on your property aren’t getting enough nutrition, you’ll usually notice thinner canopies, dead branches and branch tips, and shorter than normal annual twig growth. The trees simply aren’t getting enough nutrition to support their growth. In most cases, outdoor services will perform tree trimming services to remove the dead branches. If there is a complete lack of nutrition, tree removal services may be required. Mad Cow Outdoor Service can help you evaluate the current state of your trees and will advise the appropriate next steps for proper care. Contact us today!

The Types of Fertilizers That Are Needed

Slow-release fertilizers tend to be the best choice. The type of necessary macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium) will vary depending on the environment. Some trees may also lack micronutrients like magnesium, manganese, or boron. A physical inspection of the tree and a soil quality test can provide you with in-depth information on what your trees are lacking. It may be difficult to figure this out on your own. To ensure you’re giving your trees sufficient nutrients, leave the fertilization work to our experts at Mad Cow Outdoor Service

Keep Your Trees in Prime Health

With over 50 years of combined experience in lawn care, like trimming, pruning, and mowing, Mad Cow Outdoor Service always delivers superior results. We take pride in offering dependable, honest service, and we consistently make customer satisfaction our number one priority. You can trust that your yard and garden will be in good hands, and we will take great care to ensure your yard looks amazing. We are a proud member of organizations like the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and the Illinois Arborist Association (IAA), which means that we adhere to top-tier techniques and safety procedures to deliver the highest quality results possible for our valued customers. 

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