Signs That Your Tree is Dead

A dying tree in Alton, IL that is covered in disease and pests that will need to be removed by a professional outdoor service company.

Signs That Your Tree is Dead

Rotting and dead trees can become unstable over time and present a safety concern that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. If you have a tree in your yard in Alton, IL that is riddled with pests or disease, it could be time to arrange professional tree removal. At the very least, you should arrange for an expert to conduct a tree inspection. 

Losing a tree can be upsetting, especially if the tree has stood tall for many years. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to tell if your tree is dead and who you can contact to save your tree if it’s still clinging to life. 

A Lack of New Leaves or Buds

If you’ve just visited your tree to take care of some trimming or pruning and noticed a lack of new leaves, this can be a dead giveaway (no pun intended) that your tree is in trouble. However, it does depend on the species of tree. For example, some Alton trees lay dormant due to seasonal weather changes. If you need an expert opinion, arrange an inspection with the team here at Mad Cow Outdoor Service

Fungal Growth

Fungal growth on your tree doesn’t necessarily mean it is dead, but it’s often a common sign. Mushrooms aren’t able to photosynthesize as other plantlife can. Instead, they get the nutrients they need by living on and breaking down decaying organic matter. If you have large oyster mushrooms growing from a wound or crack in the tree trunk, this is often a telltale sign that the tree is no more. 

The Snap Test

Another way to check whether your tree is dying or dead is to perform what is known as the snap test. Take a younger branch or twig from the tree and bend it 90 degrees. A branch from a healthy tree will be flexible and bend easily. If the branch snaps or shatters, this could be a sign that your tree has died. Keep in mind that sometimes trees sacrifice branches during times when they need extra nutrients or during a drought. 

Give Your Tree a Scratch

Another test you can carry out is the scratch test. Using a small knife or your hands (be careful of rough edges), remove a small portion of bark from the tree’s trunk. A green layer immediately under the bark will tell you your tree is alive. A brown and dry layer under the bark signifies the tree is dead. 

Professional Tree Removal and Tree Trimming

Whether your tree is dead, dying, or diseased, the team at Mad Cow Outdoor Service is here to assist. We’re experts in tree and plant healthcare and offer a wide selection of outdoor services in one place. We’re also experts in spotting and identifying common tree diseases and problems and advising our customers in Alton on the most appropriate action. From hazardous tree removal to cleanup services and tree trimming, we’ll provide outstanding service you can trust. 

If you are concerned about a tree in your yard and you need an expert opinion, speak to Mad Cow Outdoor Service today at 618.288.9663 or contact us through our website. 

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