When Do You Need Emergency Tree Cleanup Services?

Two tree care professionals removing broken tree limbs and branches from a residential property in Alton, IL.

When Do You Need Emergency Tree Cleanup Services?

Boom. Crash. Thud. Smash. These are all sounds that no homeowner in Alton, IL wants to hear, especially in the middle of a weather event or major storm. At Mad Cow Outdoor Service, we know exactly how those unwanted sounds can make you cringe and start considering the costs and effort of emergency tree cleanup services. While certain landscaping costs – lawn care, mowing, pruning, and so on – are expected, emergency tree removal often comes as a surprise. So when should you call our expert team for tree-related concerns?

When Significant Damage Threatens Your Trees

Even a “little” lean isn’t so little when your Alton, IL home is in the trajectory of a heavy trunk. If a recent storm has pushed or tilted a large tree toward your property, your home, family, and pets may be in danger. Large trees will not typically “right” themselves, and exposed roots and misaligned canopy weight can bring down a tilted tree faster than most people realize. If you’re unsure if your post-storm or post-accident tree poses a danger, contact Mad Cow Outdoor Service for an assessment. Better safe than sorry!

When a Storm is Brewing or Storm Season is Coming

Trimming and pruning trees isn’t just an important part of plant healthcare in your lawn maintenance plans; it could save the life of your tree: and potentially your roof, siding, or shed in the process! With “dead weight” routinely removed in the form of dead or oversized branches, a tree is less likely to topple over in the wind, rain, snow, or ice. Using tree trimming services through Mad Cow Outdoor Service also helps your tree route nutrients to places like the roots and living branches, giving it a stronger structure and better root hold over time. 

When Nothing’s Fallen…Yet

Dead or infected trees are very deceptive; even when no leaves are growing, the trunk can still look more than sturdy enough to support the weight of your dead or dying tree. Meanwhile, the inside may be completely hollowed out by rot or pests, leading to an incredibly precarious situation for your Alton, IL home. Tree removal is just as vital to keeping your lawn maintenance up-to-date as trimming, and it could prevent the need for headaches and cleanup services later, as well. 

Need Help? Call Us!

Whether you want to safeguard against storms in the future or need help with a downed tree now, call Mad Cow Outdoor Service at 618.288.9663 to get your life and property back on track. We’ll help you remove downed trees, advise which ones may need preemptive removal, and help with shaping and trimming for the ones you’d like to keep. While we can’t turn back time on the damage storms bring with them, we can give you the next best thing: peace of mind and a step back towards a clean, beautiful lawn. 

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