Signs Your Trees Are Infested with Pests & How to Treat It

A person in Southern IL Spraying leaves that have been eaten and are discolored from a pest infestation with insecticide.

Signs Your Trees Are Infested with Pests & How to Treat It

A pest infestation on your tree can cause diseases or even kill your tree. It’s important to keep your trees protected with pest prevention. MadCow Tree Services provides eco-friendly solutions to help you with any pests you notice taking over your trees. Trees are an important part of our environment, bringing much beauty to our homes in Southern IL and Central MO.

Identifying Tree Pest Infestation

If you have noticed your trees looking a little unappealing, you could have a pest infestation on them. Indications of pest infestations are thinning leaves, holes in your leaves, loose bark on the trunk of your tree, and stalled branch growth. If you have noticed any of these warning signs, you will want to begin a treatment solution before permanent damage affects your trees.

Removing Pests from Your Trees

If you notice any warning signs that pests have started to create a home on your trees, you will want to take immediate action. The best way to remove these unwanted invaders from your trees is by keeping them healthy to fight against infestation. Once you notice any pests on your trees, you can spray the tree with insecticide or apply a sticky bug band around your tree where bugs will become trapped. You can also call MadCow Outdoor Service for a pest prevention service to assist you with fighting off any tricky pests lingering on or around your trees.

Keep The Pests Away

The best way to keep pests away from your yard is by trimming your trees, keeping your yard clean, and watering your trees. When you trim your trees, it allows them to absorb more sunlight and airflow. Tree pests feed on moist wood, so keeping your yard clean won’t attract beetles or other common pests from attaching to dead branches. When a tree becomes dehydrated, it becomes more prone to attracting insects. Keeping your trees nice and healthy gives them a better chance of avoiding unwanted pests. 

Common Pests Found on Trees

One common pest you will find on your trees is the Emerald Ash borer, a green beetle that damages ash trees. The Larva on these beetles cause damage to the inside of your tree bark. Japanese Beetles are another common pest known to eat foliage, not necessarily killing your trees but making them appear dead. Bagworms are pinecone-shaped insects that will attack any tree species, destroy a considerable amount of foliage, and even kill smaller trees. When you contact MadCow Outdoor Service by calling 618.288.9663, we can identify and keep these tricky pests away from your trees.

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